Crystal Clear Results: How Proper Pool Filter Cleaning Can Transform Your Swimming Experience

Mar 4, 2024 | Blog

Imagine one day you look forward to a relaxing dip in your pool, only to jump in and find that the water just doesn’t feel right. You take a closer look and realize that it’s cloudy and has an odd smell. Now your serene swim is cut short. Your first thought may be that the chemicals are off balance, but in reality, it’s that your pool filter needs to be cleaned.

In this blog, we are going to discuss how regularly cleaning your pool filter can elevate your swimming experience.

Water Quality
The main job of your pool filter is to trap impurities and debris, such as dirt, leaves, insects, and other contaminants, from the water. Over time, those impurities can build up to the point that your filter can no longer trap them effectively. Now, instead of a nice soak in your backyard oasis, it’s a soak with all kinds of contaminants you don’t want. A regular cleaning of your pool filter with cleaning solutions and tools can help prevent that unwanted mishap.

Prevent Equipment Damage
If your pool filter is not cleaned out regularly, you run into the risk of damaging other components in your pool system. When the filter becomes clogged, it puts additional strain on the pump as it has to work extra hard to circulate water through your system. This strain can lead to pump failure or damage, resulting in costly repairs or replacements, ultimately giving you a stressful task that you need to tend to.

Health Concerns
Algae and other bacteria is what causes a pool to develop an odor and green color. The chlorine and other sterilizing chemicals that are poured into a pool eliminate those unwanted organisms. However, if your pool filter is dirty, those chemicals cannot be evenly distributed throughout the pool, and that algae and bacteria will have freedom to grow. Swimming in that kind of water will make you sick and possibly give you an infection. Nobody wants to hop in a pool only to feel worried about their health, but cleaning your filter will help mitigate that and let you swim peacefully.

Year Round Enjoyment
Overall, the best feeling about cleaning your pool filter is that you can hop in your pool whenever you please, and you can know with confidence that the water will feel just right. You might be wondering how often a pool filter should be cleaned, and the answer is every six months. It is a good idea to look at your filter every three months to see how it looks. Also, you should note that the frequency will vary depending on your pool’s size, and its exposure to debris.

There are several pool filter cleaning tools and solutions that you can buy on the market. An alternative is to work with a pool filter cleaning service that already has the tools, solutions, and expertise to handle the job.

Our team at Pegasus Pools are devoted to keeping your pool at its best condition so you can enjoy serene swims and family get-togethers all year round. To get a free quote, you can click here or give us a call at 512-815-7717.

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